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What's Next for You in 2010?

So the Winter 2010 training period is coming to an end. You did your base work, worked on core and leg strength, and you are ready for more!   Read more…

New Training Tools in stock

Triathlon, running and cycling specific training devices from Garmin and Suunto. You can't beat our prices!

Cornerstone of Performance

Tracking Heart Rate Variability is the latest in tracking recovery. What else do you need to know about sleep and recovery?   Read more…


GLOBUS Logo| Electric Muscle Stimulation

Globus EMS | Product Image: Premium Unit

Globus Electrical muscle stimulation offers a variety of programs that allow you to do several types of strength and endurance building workouts.

Massage and Active Recovery programs speed muscle adaptation. Replace your masseuse with faster, more thorough recovery.

Sitting on the couch, do a workout instead of biking or running in the rain, snow, heat or cold.

When you travel, replace workouts missed due to lack of proper training facilities or endless meetings.

More About Globus Electrical Muscle Stimulation!

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Shop for Ergomo Systems and Ergomo Repairs

JDS Sportcoaching | Ergomo Troubleshooting and Ergomo Service

New 2010 Bottom Brackets in Stock.  Read more…

Need troubleshooting for Ergomo Products?  Read more…

Ergomo repairs? Details, Pricing, Service!  Read more…

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Athlete Discount Benefits 2010

As an added benefit for athletes working with a coach or in a clinic or camp, we offer special product discounts:

10% off of anything from the Shop JDS online store on any training plan and working with a JDS Sportcoaching coach. Suunto Pods are 15% off.

15% off Globus EMS Units on any training plan and working with a JDS Sportcoaching coach.

Discounts vary on Garmin products.

10% off the JDS Sportcoaching daily or advanced supplement kits or individual supplements.

Additional discounts may be available on coaching packages that already include equipment discounts.

Discounts are often available to current, coached athletes on camps, clinics and programs.  If this is not noted in the information about a camp,clinic or program, please ask your coach.

Check with your coach about other possible discounts.


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